Planning is now underway for the 2015 National Meeting - SALSAL will have a track at The 2015 AMP Meeting. 

Please keep checking back for the agenda and updated registration info.




5th Annual Amputation Prevention Symposium


August 12-15, 2015

Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, Illinois


Community Chapters are the primary method of outreach for The Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation. Community Chapters are a forum wherein hometown medical professionals, care givers, and patients can gather together to learn more about all available treatment and management options to prevent amputation. Community Chapters organize and participate in local events and provide free PAD and Diabetes screenings to the general public. Additionally, Community Chapter members participate in the Foundation's national conference and regional meetings in which world class and cutting edge medical education is presented to physicians, nurses, and health care providers from around the country to assist them in learning the most up-to-date information possible to improve patient outcomes.

The Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation's White Sock pin is more than a visible sign of SALSAL membership. It is a symbol of SALSAL solidarity with patients who suffer from leg wounds secondary to diabetes, peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.) and trauma which threaten to result in amputation.

The White Sock pin (illustrated above) is available with a $25 membership donation to the Foundation.  Simply register for membership under the membership drop down menu.

Each Community Chapter is encouraged to develop a SALSAL Amputee Support Group (ASG) in their community. 

Although the idea of an Amputee Support Group is not new, no such group existed in Jacksonville prior to the formation of the SALSAL Jacksonville Community Chapter's "A Leg Up".  As the first SALSAL ASG,several Jacksonville Chapter members, made A Leg Up-Jacksonville an important part of the SALSAL initiative.  

Amputee Support Groups meet an important need for its members who not only look forward to the monthly meetings, but learn about the SALSAL Mission and get involved in Community Chapters as motivational speakers, fundraiser boosters and goodwill ambassadors. More importantly, ASG members keep Community Chapters focused on the SALSAL Mission.

The Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation seeks to establish more SALSAL Amputee Support Groups around the country primarily where no such groups currently exist.  In communities where Amputee Support Groups have already been created (either through a local hospital, organizations such as the Amputee Coalition, or a prosthetics organization) SALSAL Foundation recommends collaborative efforts to increase the impact of such groups.

Please email: if you would like to learn more about organizing a SALSAL ASG in your community.